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On March 24, 2006, the sounds of hammer on anvil went silent for the death of Todd "Benedicto" Barnhardt, a man who spent nearly two decades  in passionate pursuit of a craft so few choose to take up - the art of swordsmithing.

While we both mourn a great loss and celebrate the life of a great man, many have chosen to discuss their memories.  Feel free to enjoy some pictures of Benedicto over the years as well as a number of pictures taken at his memorial service.



Sword Arts is sponsored by Angel Sword, maker of fine swords, daggers and other edged weapons since 1979.  Angel Sword operates one of America's premier forges - one of the few that still crafts swords, knives and daggers using the traditional methods of hammer, anvil, fire and sweat.  Each Angel Sword piece is a fully functional combat weapon that also stands alone as a work of art.
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